Saturday, April 17, 2004

Aspects at work or: Getting Exception Handling right with AspectJ

This session, the second AspectJ presentation at the conference (both by Arno), covered using a few different aspects to soften and otherwise deal with exceptions and error conditions -- the examples were based around CORBA calls. The aspects did things like exception logging / softening and auto-retry/re-connect.

Arno was using Eclipse/AJDT and made good use of the compile list / declare warnings features of the toolset to demonstrate how to add aspect based refactorings to a project. I felt the examples, while good, were a little too CORBA focussed and also infrastructure based. While this is the most obvious use of aspects in most apps (logging/security/caching/retry) I felt a more business object example was missing -- though I have to admit I can't think of a good one right now for a demo... maybe that's part of the problem with communicating AOP, more real world experience of usage is needed.

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