Thursday, September 12, 2002

Noticed the Jisp project on Rickard's blog -- could be useful for an Axion DiskTable implementation. It's still a goal of mine to have these swappable - Berkeley db would be a good test of the interface too..

After hearing good things about it for a while, I finally downloaded IntelliJ IDEA editor (2.6). Nice. It's a very slick editor, remarkably similar to TogetherJ (and written by the same dev team, court case ensuing I believe) but without the UML round tripping - one of Together's main features. I have to admit, I didn't use the UML too much, it's quite slow on my work machine, so it's not that big a loss. Also, many of the annoyances in Together are fixed in IDEA.

Always one to try the bleeding edge of a product, I then moved on to the beta 644 build.
This has more refactorings, built in version control -- not just external VCS integration - the editor actually tracks changes to a file, with multi rollback (without needing to check in) and the slickest visual diff I've seen anywhere.. nice.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Just realised the error message says 2.4.14 for db version - whereas I installed 4.0.14 -- similar? Typo someplace?

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

[500, #61000]

OK, battling with installing a subversion server. Got the local access nailed. Apache 2 with mod_dav_svn all compiled and running... http auth configured... I can do a local checkout. but STILL can't get network access running.


(84)Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character: bad database version: 2.4.14


Could not open the SVN filesystem at /xxx/xxx

Just found: Dive Into Python -- which is something I struggle to find on the net, how-to's for non-beginners. The IT market is huge, probably bottom (ie beginner) heavy, so where's the content for the rest of us?

Saw the dbXML project is now Xindice -- from the intro, I don't see a huge benefit in a native XML db. Do you really want to query in XPath?

Thought I'd try maintaining my own blog - having spent several hours reading other peoples' recently.

I agree with Rickard Oeberg's feelings that good quality tech news/info is difficult to find these days. Most email lists are full of punters, as are community sites.

(Though obviously I'm asking for trouble by adding to the overall melee of info - no, I'm not saying this blog will be any better..)

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