Thursday, April 07, 2005

Brain Seizures.

It's odd how, quite often it's not the blog posting I'm reading that I find significant, but the one it's linking to. They way Joel struggles to get moving is something I'm incredibly familiar with. On a couple of projects I've basically had a head seizure so bad, I almost left the job (in fact it became the beginning of the end) -- it was partly that fact that I had a bit code that was way to complicated (I wrote it), but also that I hated the fact it was so complicated, but couldn't think of a way around it at the time (that wasn't a complete rewrite, or too big a change at the point inthe schedule). This caused me to stare at my PC for days, and get increasingly irritable with others in the team. Eventually the projet manager took me aside to inquire what was wrong. To his, credit we found a way of getting things going again -- unfortunately I can't remember the magic sauce. Must ask him sometime.

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