Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Apple on Intel - Java is the winner.

Yeh yeh, lots of news and opinion. For at least a few years we'll have Apple spanning chipset just like Sun do today. A big winner from all this is Java I think. Yes OS X is still going to be a different beast from Solaris and Windows, but for Java techies, an Intel/x86 box is going to be the obvious choice -- Sun, IBM, BEA all have competitve JVMs on x86, so Apple's porting efforts must be eased and/or competition of OS X JVMs has got to be healthy.

Hi There,

For the first time, one Chip will run all the significant(any OS that has more than 5 percent server/workstation) market share) OSes in the world.

1) Solaris
2) HP-UX (right now Itanium but soon on EMX)
3) Linux
4) Windows
5) OS X.

Using VMWARE, somewhere in the future, one can test an application on all the software platforms simultaneously.

With hardware support for Virtual Environments coming soon, people should be able to run all these OSs at the same time.

I hope that 10 years from now, our OSs eco system will have as many different OSs as today.

Java : Yeah, it will be easy for people to optimize for a given chip (like JRockit did) and still reap good dividends.

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