Monday, October 17, 2005


Hmm. Dion has a mare at Gatwick with Aerolineas Argentina. I hate it when airlines are so bad -- due to the cost, availability and pre-booking means by the time a problem is encountered (ie when you are actually trying to fly) you're effectively in a monopoly unless you can afford to discard the ticket entirely and buy from another carrier (at another time usually).

Oddly, I've flown with Aerolineas loads this year, and they've been the most efficient and reasonable carrier I've encountered -- for example their domestic tickets are changeable (including economy) up until right before the flight and have a few other nice features (though, in order to get reasonable prices, i think you need to buy them in argentina -- i spoke to several people who paid a fortune (like 3 times the price, months in advance) for the same tickets buying from abroad.

On the flip side, I had an entirely rotten time with British Airways on a heavily delayed flight on the same trip... I may talk about that one later, it'll make my blood boil if I do it now and I need to get back to work.

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