Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BEAWorld 2005, London.

Day one (probably will skip day two).

Good talk, entertaining, and highlighting the fact that SOA is a business process change more than a technology change.

BEA AquaFoo

Platform, abstraction, blah blah. Good quote: "security" is a service... would like to see that one explained. Authentication and policies for authorisation can be, but overall security?

Once again, there were no guidelines about how to actually achieve an SOA. No concrete examples of before and after. No hints as to *why* the tools enable SOA -- partly because no-one ever really defines what they mean, other than droning on about these mystical services. They tell you that you want them, but won't help you define what is or isn't a well behaved service.

Panel Discussion
Various chats about ROI and how to convince the business that *this* time, the technology has clothes.

Steve Jones, Capgemini, makes a bucnh of good points about the mind-set shift on how to design these systems. Finally something concrete.

Azul Systems
Talk of the day. Azul have built a processing virutalisation system based around their own processor (24 core, little floating point, low power). Java only right now, but essentially provides a normal JVM which runs on the original OS but simply acts as an IO proxy to a virtualised VM running on the Azul platform. Interesting angle and looks promising -- provided the money side is sane. Ultimately the IO will not be proxied but will go direct to/from Azul machine. One to watch.

Went to a couple other talks, but they were too boring to comment on. Sorry.

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