Thursday, November 03, 2005


Gimpish fun

Well, I've been torturing myself by doing a bunch of web graphics with the Gimp. It's been the usual tale of usability nastiness and general loathing, however, I have to say I'm getting faster at the select, twist, shake, add a layer, blur, shadow, add two lumps of ice, crush, lather, rinse, repeat.

The somewhat dubious creations will be unveiled over at the next generation grid web site shortly. Basically the website was so ugly (created by me) that it was annoying me enough to self-baptise in the Gimp again. Oddly, the Gimp is like Perl for me, I only use it rarely so that I have to re-learn each time and since it's so unfriendly -- curiously Perl is the extension language of choice for the Gimp -- is the Gimp therefore the GUI alter ego of Perl?

With the apparent drive I heard of to improve the usability of the Gimp, what is the equivalent translation to compare with $) --> $CHANGE_INTRP_INV_13 ?

If anyone Gimp-like made it through that, here's my feature request / RFI: when I save a file, I'd like to retain the undo history. I realise that the file will be much bigger potentially (a limit may be nice too), afaict, currently, I have to choose saving endless snapshots (Save Copy) without undo between them. A second nice to have would be, in a similar vein, maintain a tree of states with navigation between them (in the same way a linear back/forward history stack in a browser is pretty limited).

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