Tuesday, November 15, 2005


JINI client constraints

Just read this post from Greg.

He notes:
... [it's possible to] supply MethodConstraints to dictate what types of criteria the transport, invocation and client environments must meet to use the service. There are some interesting interactions here from the perspective that you can tell the invocation layer that your service needs to have a secure transport, with the endpoint implementation providing this guarentee. There are some interactions through the layers that make it possible for the question of "is this constraint met?" to be answered...

I'd like for service lookup results to allow the client software to query the service for its requirements so that a first time use of a service could allow the client to assert the required constraint implementations
So as per my previous post, the client could specify an ECMAScript implementation / data format. Assuming the server end can support the downloading of that language/service format, then any suitable javascript engine could process it -- implementation competition is then possible (obviously the script env would need to cope with the network layer, presumably via a native lib from the VM).

im a final year student of a university and trying to build a distributed video rendetring application based on the Jini. i wanted to impose more control over the look up service.
1. control workers of the grid
2. determining the number of workers required to perform the task based on the video size.
3.allocating workrs to clients

If u can provide some guidence to carry out my task it will be a huge advantage for me.
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