Friday, November 27, 2009


Future of mobile data

Good article on looming bandwidth issues in mobile data (via @timbray).

BT currently do the share-your-home-DSL thing in the UK currently. I'd like that ability but my provider doesn't do it, and going for BT DSL is not a risk I'm willing to take right now. Which is a shame cos the streaming TV is another good product -- why should I need to buy the line from them too? The customer service reputation is so bad, I just can't contemplate it.

Revenue sharing would require the mother of entitlements apps, plus trusted end-points / bandwidth monitoring, which is fine for most people, but how do you avoid someone claiming all their traffic was 3rd party? Using IPv6 to avoid the NAT issues? A side effect is to explode the insanities in the Digital Economy Bill currently running around in the UK (media firms getting connections terminated without going to court, regardless of number of people using them).

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